Top 5: Social Media Lessons from PodcampAZ

From Wordpress to crowdsourcing to personal branding, fellow digital gurus shared their best tips at PodCampAZ. It started off with tips from a millenial talking about blogging and included the story behind the famed ShalerJump. Here’s the top 5 outtakes from a great PodCampAZ Conference:
1. Wordpress Blog Development. As blogging continues to expand it’s popularity (with over 250,000 bloggers on WordPress today), there are a few tips that can take your game to the next level. First off, you should update your Wordpress as the latest version has additional security. Top recommended plugins include All-in-One-SEO, Wickett-Twitter-Widget, Podpress, and WpTouch.

Do You Want to Make Money On The Internet?

If you want to make money on the Internet, you can find themselves suddenly filled with tons of ideas, but none of the methods as they do. For example, you may have heard about creating a site, but you do not know exactly how to do it! Or you may have heard about blogs people online or write articles, but you don't know where you can leave them to earn money.
All of these issues can be easily answered here: register online forums-there are many marketing forums online, you can enter (free), and you will find many professionals who can direct you to the answers to your questions.

What Blogging Can Do For Your Business

Blogging has made it possible for any individual to publish his/her ideas on the internet easily and freely. For businesses, this marks a truly innovative change in the way that products and services can be promoted to a large audience and at a considerably reduced cost compared with traditional advertising methods. With blogs, average business people can write about what they know and are passionate about, as well as what they can offer to others. When this is done properly and is updated regularly to keep the content fresh, it can be a very powerful marketing tool that naturally draws the customers to your business instead of forcing yourself upon them, as in traditional advertising.

Searching for the Perfectly Designed Free Blog Templates

For the experienced webmaster, nothing beats a website stocked with well-written content coupled with eye-catching design. But for the regular blogger, it’s hard to look for a good free blog templates design considering the number of styles available online. Aside from that, downloading just any can run the risk of being typical. Fortunately, there are certainly ways on how to look for the right blog design you want.

The Secrets of Blogging for Profit

Writing weblogs(blogs) or blogging is becoming increasingly popular with budding entrepreneurs as a way to earn a living online while, at the same time, doing something they really enjoy. In a lot of cases bloggers can profit with very little continuing effort. However, there may be a fair bit of work involved in the beginning.

This is usually because of designing a method of gaining revenue and promoting the website but once this is established simply maintaining the blog with regular postings may be enough to keep the revenue rolling in.